Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Visit to Evan's New House

6444 Ruxton Drive, Elkridge, Maryland

This past weekend Jerry and I went to visit Emily, Bob, and Evan's new house. For anyone that doesn't know, Emily is our daughter, Bob is our son-in-law, and Evan is our only grandchild. Sadly for us, they will be moving to Germany in about 3 weeks. They will no more than get unpacked until they will have to pack again for the big move. Here are some more pictures of the new house. It is a lot more spacious than the townhome they lived in before. It has a full finished basement that would be a great place for kids to play.

Pretty staircase

View of foyer from stairs

Proud homeowner, Emily

Of course, Evan was a moose as usual. He is a big talker and repeats anything he hears so grandparents must be careful about what they say. He probably picked up a thing or two from Neena and G-Dad that he shouldn't have! Guess it's time for Neena and G-Dad to apply for a passport. They'll be in Germany for 3 years.

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