Monday, August 18, 2008

Stained Glass Creations - Part 2


My first lampshade
Stained glass is very addicting, and not long after you have made your first suncatcher, you start wondering how hard would it be to make a bigger panel, a lampshade, or an entire window? This was the first lampshade I made. Even though each panel is the same thing, a simple rose, I thought it turned out lovely. It was recently broken when my dear husband decided to move the sofa table without taking anything off it. It is back on my work table waiting for me to start wondering if I can repair broken lampshades!

Evan's LampWhen Emily became pregnant and was deciding on how to decorate the nursery, she chose the "Sea Life" themed bedding from Babies 'R Us. The bedding came with lots of accessories and had a lamp with a simple shade that had a few of the "characters" such as the seahorse and octopus with the blue hat. I decided I could make a much better shade with stained glass. I purchased the base and set to work designing the shade.

Seahorse with view of fish and starfish The characters on the bedding had such whimsical faces that I knew I would have to have a way to show the expressions of the animals. I was able to use Pebeo paints to paint the faces and other details on the figures. Then they were baked in the oven to fuse the paint to the glass. This was a lot of fun and turned out rather nicely, if I do say so myself!
Entire lamp
This lamp was made with Uroboros fracture and streamer glass. It was almost like drapery glass in that it looked like it had been poured from the molten state and hardened in waves. I don't know how they do it, but it is very difficult to cut. I ended up using a glass saw to cut the background "ocean" pieces.
This lamp has been Evan's nightlight since he's been here. I don't think the Sea Life bedding is making the trip to Germany, but I've been assured the lamp is going. I hope it is packed well, because I don't think I could repair this one!

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R said...

Don't worry mom, the lamp is going to Germany. The ladies are here packing up now...wait I just heard a crash from Evan's room...