Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Pirate Looks at 55

This year for my birthday my sweet husband got tickets for the Jimmy Buffett concert at River Bend in Cincinnati. The concert was actually on my birthday. We had pavillion seating; too old now to sit on the grass. As you can see, our "costumes" weren't as elaborate as most.
Jimmy sang all his old standards and the crowd sang along. He is about the only act I can think of that has three or four generations in the same audience. Even our two year old grandson or grandkeet as seasoned parrotheads would say, loves Buffett music and sings "Boat Drinks", "Volcano", and "Cheeseburger in Paradise." Jimmy closed his show with the final encore number of John Prine's "Paradise" and I thought Jerry would flip out. He is from Muhlenberg County and that song might as well be the national anthem for anybody from Central City, Greenville, Bremen, or Drakesboro. I have never heard Jimmy sing it before and I think I have everything he has ever recorded. Maybe he's just never recorded it!

"She's still a hula girl at heart"
We stayed at the Cincinnati Hilton which was right downtown. The concert was on a Thursday. We shopped and walked around the downtown area most of the day on Friday and attended a Cincinnati Reds baseball game Friday night. We came home to a hot house on Saturday as our air conditioning had gone out. So for my birthday I also got a new heating/cooling system!
Here's a video of Jimmy's encore, "Paradise"

Jimmy Buffett, River Bend, Cincinnati 7/17/08

The Tabor Girls

Even though my last name is now Gentry, I was a Tabor girl first. I am the way I am, I think the way I think, I live the way I live, because I was a Tabor girl first. Even though my three sisters and one brother have lived all over the United States leaving me the only one to have lived my entire life in Western Kentucky, we share so much in common for which only growing up in the same family could account. Of course we all have our own families now, we all have very different interests and occupations, and with the exception of my oldest sister, are still scattered all over the United States. I decided to start a blog so that my family and friends that knew me as a Tabor girl can know what's going on with at least my branch of the Tabor family tree. Here is a picture of the four Tabor girls. The one in the back about to lose her top is my oldest sister, Vivian. Ethel Darlene is the young lady with the pixie haircut and striped dress. For some reason, she prefers to be called Darlene although everybody in the family knows her as Ethel. I am the next biggest kid. The baby is my little sister Sean, who has the prettiest red hair you've ever seen. My baby sister just turned the big 5-0 this past week so you can only imagine how we all look now!